Koen sloof Kaaslamellen 
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SLOOF Cheese-Plasticizing-Flaps are specialists in the original production of plastisizing flaps for a range of machine types since the end of the 1980’s. One of the first assignments we received was the manufacture of cheese slats which were stitched onto a PVC mat, the mat was then stitched on both sides so that a sleeve/tube was created, on the inside of the resulting sleeve we then stitched a tendon with which the sleeve can be slid over the block (this variant is still used by some customers). result. Now the cheese slats are pushed more piece by piece into the blocks, which gives a more harmonious whole and spreads much better, lasts longer with a nicer smoother result.

During manufacture, we use a heavy duty felt (or: felt-like material), with a 600 thickness.  All stitching activities are carried out by using an extra thick thread and are done by machines which have specifically designed for this purpose.  The thread is also particularly long-lasting, due to its thickness and quality, which has resulted in the fact that the plasticizing plates can be replaced less frequently.

Fast delivery, a high quality choice of materials, a very competitive price level and knowledge of this specific product have all contributed to the fact that SLOOF Cheese-Plasticizing-Flaps, who are located in the cheese heart of the Netherlands, are not only cheese manufacturers and dealers, but can now also add the manufacture of plasticizing machines to their activities